Fret Zealot + Epiphone PRO-1 Guitar
Fret Zealot + Epiphone PRO-1 Guitar
Fret Zealot + Epiphone PRO-1 Guitar
Fret Zealot + Epiphone PRO-1 Guitar

Fret Zealot + Epiphone PRO-1 Guitar

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Get a Fret Zealot pre-installed on an Epiphone PRO-1 acoustic guitar!

The PRO-1 is a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar, probably the most recognized acoustic guitar profile in the world and a model that Epiphone has been perfecting since 1932. Dreadnought-style guitars are known for their incredible volume and tonal range. They are a both a songwriter's and rocker's best friend. There's hardly a recording made that doesn't feature a dreadnought acoustic guitar.

The PRO-1 acoustic has all of the PRO-1 Collection’s innovative easy-to-play features:

Less fatigue
Wrap your hand around the PRO-1 neck and you'll immediately feel how comfortable it is. The EZ-Profile neck is designed so your hand can easily form chords without feeling fatigued.

Effortless Fretting
Epiphone JumboPRO frets make fretting notes and chords seem effortless. JumboPRO frets are taller and wider than smaller frets. So, when you push down a string, it's easier to make string contact with the fret with less hand fatigue and finger friction.

Shorter is Easier
Scale length is the distance from the saddle to the nut. The shorter the scale length, the "looser" the strings feel. Because the PRO-1's scale length is almost 1" shorter (24.75") than most acoustic guitars, the strings are under less tension so you don't have to press hard to get good tone. And - since the frets are closer together - making chords is easier.

Make friction fiction
String and fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but also can hurt. The PRO-Ease string and fingerboard coating provides sleek, smooth action with reduced string noise.

No pain, no gain?
Nonsense! Epiphone believes in "no pain." Lighter gauge strings are easier to play so every PRO-1 is setup and equipped with Epiphone Ultra-Light strings.

Easy action
With Epiphone's Dual-Action truss rod, you can adjust the neck in both directions, which not only stabilizes the neck but also makes set-up easier and more precise.


  • Fret Zealot (pre-installed) and all the accessories that come with it
  • Epiphone PRO-1 acoustic guitar
    Top Select Spruce; Custom PRO-Prietary™ Bracing
    Body Select Mahogany; Reduced body depth
    Neck Okoume; EZ-Profile™ “C” Shape
    Truss Rod Dual-Action
    T’rod Cover White; PVC
    Neck Joint Glued-In
    Fingerboard PRO-Ease™ Lubricant
    F’Brd Inlay Dots; frets 3,5,7,9,12,15 and 17
    Headstock Sloped Dovewing with historic “Epiphone” metal badge
    Fret 20; JumboPRO™
    Nut GraphTech® NuBone™
    Nut Width 1.68"
    Scale Length 24.75”
    Tuners 18:1 ratio Epiphone "Deluxe"
    Strings Epiphone Ultra-Light (9-47)
    Bridge Rosewood
    Binding Body Top: 1-Layer; Black
    Body Back 1-Layer; Black
    Pickguard Black; Scratchless
    Saddle GraphTech® NuBone™; Compensated
    Strap Buttons Yes
    Hardware Chrome
    Includes Shipping humidifier
    Color Vintage Sunburst