Fret Zealot - LED strip only
Fret Zealot - LED strip only

Fret Zealot - LED strip only

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Ships worldwide!

NOTE: the 24.75" version is on back-order and will ship September 30th

Already have a Fret Zealot and need another LED strip? This is the place!

Note: you must already have a Fret Zealot control box in order for this LED strip to function.

Two Versions to Choose From:

24.75" scale length - fits most Epiphone, Gibson, PRS, etc. This is the universal version and will fit any guitar with a scale length less than 25.5".
ON BACK-ORDER - will ship September 30th

25.5" scale length - fits most Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter, Yamaha, and most acoustic guitars. This will fit guitars with scale lengths very close to 25.5" (including slightly less or more like 25.4" or 25.6")



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